Latest Kitchen Lighting Design Trends

If you’ve ever had trouble deciding what kind of lighting to use in your kitchen, you should try this new design trend. LEDs are an energy efficient and versatile option for illuminating your kitchen. Unlike fluorescent, LEDs are small and require no warm-up time or flickering. This means that you can use them in low and high-ceiling kitchens alike. Here are some tips for selecting the right LED light for your kitchen.

Industrial styled decor will be a popular kitchen lighting design trend in the coming years. This style pairs well with a variety of color schemes. Whites and creams contrast well with black iron styling. Industrial light fixtures are also versatile enough to work with other color schemes. A modern and sophisticated look is sure to make your kitchen stand out. A variety of color schemes is sure to fit with this trend, so make sure to experiment. You’ll be pleased with what you end up with.

For a kitchen island or peninsula, pendant lighting is a popular choice. Decorative fixtures with multiple lights can help break up the space. A pot rack chandelier gives you both light and storage space. Choose fixtures in earth-tone or wrought iron to enhance the overall look of the room. If you have a high ceiling, a pendant with a crystal cascade can make the room look more spacious. The trend continues to evolve each year.

Another popular kitchen lighting design trend for 2022 is furniture lighting. This trend is ideal for zoning kitchen spaces. You can install track lights to light specific areas. You can also use wall brackets for luminaires that swivel. Floating glass shelves also benefit from additional light and storage space. You can even create a floating cabinet illusion by installing spotlights on top of the floor covering. The trick is to find the right placement for all of your kitchen lights.

You can incorporate several design trends into your kitchen. The key is to incorporate a few ideas that are both functional and beautiful. There are no hard and fast rules for kitchen lighting design; however, you should put your heart and soul into every element of your home. So, here are some tips to make your kitchen lighting a part of the home improvement trend:

Under cabinet lighting is another popular kitchen lighting trend. Under-cabinet LED lights are excellent replacements for kitchen island lights and can also add depth to your lighting scheme. Lastly, under cabinet lights can highlight backsplashes and countertops. You can find thousands of pendant styles to choose from if you want a brighter kitchen without having to redo the wiring. The trend is a great one! And if you’re looking for a simple and affordable kitchen lighting solution, consider installing some under-cabinet lights.

In addition to providing good task lighting, kitchen lighting should also create a welcoming atmosphere. A great kitchen lighting design trend includes both bright task lighting and ambient illumination to make your work easier and safer. Use atmospheric lighting to highlight architectural features in your kitchen. You can even use feature pendants to draw the eye and create a sense of purpose. You can also opt for metallic shades to bounce light around the room. And don’t forget about the power of your kitchen lighting. To learn more ask local Fort Lauderdale lighting design expert in your area.