Photo Zoom in on the lakes of New Jersey perfect for rest

Zoom in on the lakes of New Jersey perfect for rest

Zoom in on the lakes of New Jersey perfect for rest

New Jersey, behind New York, is an amazing place to visit, to get rest. It may not be the first place that comes to your mind when visiting lakes. However, there are the “must” lakes to visit in New Jersey.

Lakes to discover

Including many manmade ones, New Jersey's lakes are the best place to recharge your batteries. To visit alone or accompanied, here are five places for lake fans or those who want to take a breath for a moment.

  • Lake Hopatcong

The biggest lake of the country with its four square miles of surface, the view by the river is astonishing. Not far from New York City, it's the place to visit and explore when daily routine gets heavy. With its thin sand on the shore, this place is the best to spend time alone or with a family. You can also swim when lifeguards are there. Plan for a little fee though.

  • Lake Wawayanda

Strange name, isn't it? It was named after the Indian Lenni-Lennape (colonization's legacy's name) which means water on the mountain. Dotted with lush green lily leaves, the lake has a deep blue color. It's possible to get permission to swim when lifeguards are there, to do a ballad on a canoe. Plan for some fee because it taxes per vehicle.

  • Round Valley Reservoir

An artificial reservoir, this place was built in 1960, and is the biggest one in the United States. Many activities are available on this place like fishing, swimming, or just lying on the grassy shore. Camping fans, it's possible to organize your “night near the reservoir”. 

  • Manasquan Reservoir

The most visited lake in New Jersey, it has many activities to do and explore like fishing, finishing the day by swimming with the swans at sunset. Cycling and horsing along the shore are possible and can keep you stunned for a few days. More than a visit, it can also be the opportunity to discover the rich fauna and flora that exist there.

  • Lake Carnegie

One of the richest in the story, this lake is the most practical to visit thanks to its location, near Princeton University. Many students enjoy this place by rowing along the lake. It is the US Olympic Rowing Team's place. A bit conservative place, fishing and picnicking are possible though.

Breathtaking experience

Maybe it's quite difficult to leave the daily routine, even if we are stressed out and get tired of it. However, it's really helpful to take a break and enjoy the calm. Lake is a synonym of calm, so you don't have to worry about the calm and the peace, lying or walking on the shore are even advised.

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Time flies! If you are tired of your stressful working life, or just to appreciate being in swans and horses' company, it's really suggested to get rest by visiting these lakes. Rich in history, it's also rich in fresh air that you need to face the daily routine.