Photo Wharton Forest: presentation of New Jersey's largest forest

Wharton Forest: presentation of New Jersey's largest forest

Wharton Forest: presentation of New Jersey's largest forest

Wharton Forest is one of the great forests of New Jersey State. The forest covers about 122,880 acres of the pinelands, situated in the northeaster Hammonton. The name is from an industrialist called Joseph Wharton which the first who bought a property and left the town in Pine Barrens. A number of interesting things are included in this great forest; it also offers a variety of activities to any visitors coming to take a trip here.

History of Wharton Forest

Before, the area was the destination of Lenni-Lenape Indian hunters and anglers. The first habitats were wood cutters and sawmill operators. Pine Barrens held a number of bog iron and paper industries in the 1800s.

Philadelphia industrialist named Joseph Wharton started purchasing about 40,000 ha of the pinelands and he left the town in the Pine Barrens in 1873. Wharton launched a project to build dams with the aim of directing fresh water to Philadelphia, but the operation was prohibited by the New Jersey legislature according to the law that prevents form transporting waters out of the New Jersey state.

As a result, Joseph Wharton finished by selling his property to the State. A trust company managed The Wharton estate after being sold and the government proposed to create 32,500 acres jetport within the Pine Barrens. For the next years, New Jersey State operated various projects to protect and keep the original shape of the land by purchasing other lands and building and farms.

Main features in the Wharton Forest

Many things can be discovered in this largest forest of New Jersey.

  • Batsto village is composed of 33 old buildings, sawmills, gristmill, mansions and general stores. It was used to be a bog iron and glassmaking industrial center between 1766 and 1867. The place is available for visit and it allows to understand more the history of the industry, trades and the agriculture thanks to the exhibits and the museum shop.
  • Two principal natural areas are situated in Wharton Forest, Oswego Natural Area and Batsto Natural Area. These natural areas are home to a variety of unusual plant and animal species hidden in the large pinelands.
  • Cabins: There are 9 cabins located along the Atsion Lake. They are all well-equipped and perfect for visitors' accommodation from 4 to 8 people. Each cabin includes indoor toilets, kitchen and bedrooms.

Activities in the Wharton Forest

As a vast area, Wharton State forest has much to offer when it comes to holiday activities. Apart from the nice walk that you can take all around the large forests, the place is also available for any kind of activities such as wild swimming, camping, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing and boating.

Travel to New Jersey and explore Wharton State Forest

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