Photo 4 natural and wild spaces in New Jersey

4 natural and wild spaces in New Jersey

New Jersey is a peninsula, situated in Northeastern America. It is surrounded by ocean and rivers, connected to New York State. By the area, this is the fourth-smallest State of the USA but considered as the most densely populated State. Thanks to a wide variety of attractions, New Jersey deserves many annual visitors from around the globe.

4 top natural and wild spaces in New Jersey

1- Pinelands national reserve

New Jersey has a very large and important pineland which is considered as the first natural reserve of the United States. This national reserve is mainly characterized by many forests of pines, protected by States and some other private sectors.

It also encompasses a great number of wetlands and acres of farms. Because of that, many kinds of animal species can be found in this enormous area like beavers, coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, chipmunks, and several of squirrels.

2- The Wetland Institute

It is a non-profit organization of New Jersey. The organization aims to give educational tours on wetlands and coastal ecosystems. It allows family, vacationers and other group of people to explore the experience about wild plants and animals living in wet areas.

The wonders of Wetland Institute environment and a variety of attractions inspire visitors who come to see the wet site. Here are a few things that might influence you after your visit:

  •  You will understand more and realize the incredible meaning of the nature
  •  You will be motivated to protect environment
  •  You may want to become one of the stewards of wetlands and coastal ecology
  •  You may recommend other people to visit the Wetland institute site

3- Island Beach State Park

This state park is located in Berkeley Township, New Jersey. It is one of the largest reserves in the United States. The Southern natural area is described by a large rolling sand dune covered in tall grasses, wild bushes, bay, marshes, middle-sized trees and close-knit maritime forests.

The park also includes wild plants and animals that inspire visitors. Holly, Goldenrod, and black berry are among the trees found in the park.

4- Skylands, Botanical Garden

If you are looking for the most awesome gardens in the world, New Jersey Skylands Garden is one of them. It is a very striking place of a wide variety of wildflowers and many other unusual plants from around the globe.

Skylands includes a large number of flower acres like wild-flower garden, Peony garden, Winter Garden, Moraine garden…The Botanical Garden is a wonderful site for holidays thanks to the amazing view and smooth fragrance smelt from the flowers.

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